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Teachvideo Dancevideo
2Lane Highway
Low Intermediate
Gary O'Reilly - 4/2016 "Me & My Girl" Vince Gill
5 Days
engl.Choreo 32/2/Beginner
CLD & Friends - 9/2019 "Dancing On My Own (Tiësto Remix/Audio)" Calum Scott
Silvia Schill - 10/2018 "17" Avril Lavigne
8 Ball
Sandrine Tassinari & Magali Lebrun - 2/2012 "Outback booty call" 8 Ball Aitken
10 Years
engl.Choreo Berlin Open 2019 
64/2/Low Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 11/2018 "Yours" Kevin Maines
A Aberdeen
engl.Choreo 56/4/Improver
Silvia Schill - 9/2019 "Aberdeen" Avi Kaplan
A Country High Norman Gifford - 3/2016 "High on a Country Song" Sam Riggs
Achy Breaky Heart Melanie Greenwood - 1/2003 "Achy Breaky Heart" Billy Ray Cyrus
A Devil In Disguise Patricia E. Stott & Alan G. Birchall - 1/2001
A Drink In My Hand Sandy Goodman - 9/2011 "Drink In My Hand" Eric Church
Af en Af Gudrun Schneider - 2/2011 "Af en Af" Kurt Darren
Ah Si Rita Masur - 8/2006 "Levantando" Las ManosEl Simbolo
Amame Robbie McGowan Hickie
"Amame" Belle Perez
American Kids Randy Pelletier - 6/2014 "American Kids" Kenny Chesney
And You You You Katrin & Toralf Tylla - 4/2012 "Colour Me In" Rea Garvey
  Anything For Love Werner feat. Eddie "Anything For Love" James House  
  Angel in Blue Jeans Mathias Plug - 8/2014 "Angel in Blue Jeans" Train
Askin' Questions Larry Bass - 7/2009 "Askin Questions" Brady Seals
Authority Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner     3/2017  "Authority Song" Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band
B Babylon Fred Whitehouse "Babylon" OMI
  Back Together Robbie McGowan Hickie
"Back In My Life (Radio Edit)" Fly Project
Back To The Start
32/4/Absolute Beginner
Hayley Wheatley - 2/2019 "Back To The Start" Michael Schulte
Back Where I Belong
engl.Choreo 32/4/Beginner
Silvia Schill - 5/2019 "Back Where I Belong" The Ranchhands
  Bad Girls Ivonne Verhagen & Silvia Stumpe "Bad Girls Don't Cry" The Night Game
  Ba Da Ba Da * LDStAward 2018 * Intermediate *
Silvia Schill - 8/2017  "Grandpa's Groove" Parov Stelar feat. AronChupa
  Be Bop unbekannt "Bop" Dan Seals
  Be In Love * LDStAward 2017 * Beginner *
Silvia Schill & Tobias Jentzsch - 9/2016  "I Fell In Love" Carlene Carter
  Beautiful Mum
engl.Choreo 64/4/Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 5/2018 "Hey Mama" Mat Kearney
Beer For My Horses Christine Bass - 5/2003 "Beer For My Horses" Toby Keith
  Best Friend Guy Dubé, José Miguel Belloque Vane - 1/2018 "Best Friend" (ft. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno)" Sofi Tukker
  Better Days Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner "Better Days" Kirsty Lee Akers
Better Times Patricia E. Scott & Vikki Morris - 11/2013 "Better Times A Comin" Derek Ryan
Big Spoon
Silvia Schill - 9/2015 "The Big Spoon" Jo Hikk
  Billy's Dance (Paartanz) Pierre Mercier "San Francisco" Olsen Brothers
Black Coffee Helen O'Malley - 2/2003 "Black Coffee" Lacy J. Dalton
  Blame It On Me Claire Bell "Blame It On Me" George Ezra --- ---
  Blue Train unbekannt "Blue Train" Big House
Bonaparte's Retreat
Maddison Glover "Bonaparte's Retreat" Glen Campbell
  Bonfire Heart G.Bachellerie & Virgile Porcher - 11/2013 "Bonfire Heart" James Blunt
  Boot Scootin' Boogie unbekannt "Boot Scootin’ Boogie" Brooks & Dunn
  Born With Wheels
Silvia Schill - 9/2015 "Should´ve Been Born With Wheels" Shawna Russel
  Bosa Nova Phil Dennington - 1/2006 "Blame it on the bossa nova" Jane Mc Donald
Bread And Butter Roz Morgan - 2011 "Shortenin' Bread" Tractors
Break It Back Down Dwight Meesen - 3/2017 "Break It Back Down" Pat Green
  Bring Down The House Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley - 11/2015 "Bring Down The House" Dean Brody
Bring On The Good Times Gary O'Reilly & Maggy Gallagher - 4/2016 "Bring On The Good Times" Lisa McHugh
Gary Lafferty - 11/2018 "Brokenhearted" William M. Morgan
Broken Heart Leo Boomen "My Next Broken Heart" Brooks & Dunn
Budapest Tobias Jentzsch - 4/2014 "Budapest" George Ezra
C Cabo San Lucas Rep Ghazali - 1/2009 "Cabo San Lucas" Toby Keith
Canadian Stomp unbekannt - 4/2005 "Any Man Of Mine" Shania Twain
Cash Back Dave Five - 8/2014 "I Walk The Line" (Revisited) Rodney Crowell
Celtic Kitten Maggie Gallagher - 1/2006 "Celtic Kittens" Ronan Hardiman
Cha-Cha Por Tu (Paartanz) Norman Gifford "Your Man" Josh Turner
Chasing Down a Good Time Dan Albro - 3/2016 "Chasing Down a Good Time" Randy Houser
Chattahoochee  unbekannt - 6/2003 "Chattahoochee" Alan Jackson
Cheerleader Stefan "Svensken" Schützer "Cheerleader" (Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit)" Omi
Cherry Bomb Rob Fowler - 1/2019 "Cherry Bomb" River Town Saints
Circle Twenty unbekannt - 1/2011 "Indian Song" Two In One
Clap Snap Rebecca Lee & Philip Sobrielo - 5/2017 "Clap Snap" Icona Pop
Close Enough
Silvia Schill - 2/2018 "Close Enough" Brett Young
Closer  Mary Kelly - 8/2003 "Closer" Susan Ashton
Close To You Pim van Grootel & Raymond Sarlemijn - 11/2015 "Close to You" Ryan Lafferty
Coastin Tina & Ray Yeoman - 11/2002 "Lord Of The Dance" Ronan Hardiman
Codigo Pat Stott - 1/2019 "Codigo" George Strait
Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights
Ivonne Verhagen - "Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights" Robynn Shane
Copperhead Road unbekannt - 12/2003 "Copperhead Road" Steve Earl
Cotton Eye Joe Circle(Paartanz) "Cotton Eye Jo" Rednex
Country 2 Step Masters in Line - 9/2003 "I Just Want My Baby Back" Jerry Kilgore
Country Style Neus Lloveras "Until The Money ́s Gone" The Bellamy Brothers
Country Walkin' Teree Desarro - 2/2003 "Walkin' The Country" The Ranch u. a.
Cowboy Cha Cha(Paartanz) Gilette Kelly & Michele Stremch "Good Thanks For The Radio" Alan Jackson u. a.
Cowboy Charleston unbekannt - 6/2003

"The Streets Of Bakersfield" Dwight Yoakam u. a.

Cowboy Cool Rep Ghazali-Meaney - 4/2017 "Cowboy Cool" Sonny Burgess
Curious Girl Daniel Trepat - 6/2016 "Curious Girl" Drew Steven Baldridge
D Damn!!!!! Rob Fowler "Damn!" Brett Kissel (Feat. Dave Mustaine)
Dance With Me Heidi Anne and Colleen Liz Kennedy  "Dance With Me Tonight" Olly Murs
Didn't I
Silvia Schill - 9/2018 "Didn't I" (ft. Bridget Cady)" Rod Stewart
Dig Your Heels Maddison Glover "Here's To You & I" The McClymonts
Dirty Raymund Sarlemijn - 1/2018 "Dirty Work" Austin Mahone
Dirty Old Town
Silvia Schill - 3/2015 "Dirty Old Town" Mary and the Flying Pan
Disappearing Tail Lights Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick - 6/2012 "Disappearing Tail Lights" Gord Bamford
Dixie Girl Séverine Fillion "Dixie Girl" Johnathan East
Dizzy Jo Thompson Szymanski - 6/2003 "Dizzy" Scooter Lee
Donna Blue
Silvi Schill - 2/2018 "Donna Blue"Andreas Fulterer
Down On Your Uppers Gary O'Reilly "Down On Your Uppers" Derek Ryan
Down On The Corner Peter Metelnick - 2/2003 "Down On The Corner" Mevericks
Drinking Problem Darren Bailey - 1/2017 "Drinking Problem" Midland
Drinking With Dolly Séverine Fillion "Drinking With Dolly" Stéphanie Quayle
E Electric Slide Ric Silver - 4/2003 "Electric Boogie" Marcia Griffiths
Empty Sky
engl.Choreo 32/4/Improver
Silvia Schill & Sascha Wolf - 26.06.2018 "Void" (Radio Edit) Fritz Kalkbrenner
Ex’s And Oh’s Amy Glass - 7/2015 "Ex's and Oh's" Elle King
F Fading
Dirk Leibing - 1/2019 "Fading" Alle Farben & ILIRA
  Fast Hearts And Slow Town Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Fast Hearts And Slow Town" Midland  
Feel It In My Bones
Silvia Schill - 3/2019 "Bones (feat. OneRepublic)" Galantis
Feel The Beat Chris Watson - 3/2017 "Feel The Beat" Ashleigh Dallas
Fireflies Rudy Honing & Wesley F. Wessels "Firefly" Derek Ryan
Flip, Flop And Fly
Flobie Slide Flo Cook - 2/2004 "I’m Holding On To Love" Shania Twain
Front Porch Swings Mario & Lilly Hollsteiner "What Country Means To Me"  Lawson Bates
Silvia Schill & Thunder Gomes - 14.10.2017 "Did It For The Party" Big & Rich
G Galway Girls Chris Hodgson "Galway Girl" Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle
Get Down The Fiddle  Micaela Svenson Erlandsson - 4/2016 "Louisiana Saturday Night" Robert Mizzell
Get It Right Maddison Glover "Hard Not to Love It" Steve Moakler
Ghost Train (Sirtaki) Kathi Hunyadi - 11/2002 "Ghost Train" by Australia’s Tornados
Go Cat Go Gaye Teather "Please Mama Please" Go Cat Go
Go Shanty Micaela Svenson Erlandsson - 10/2016 "Hot Ashpelt" Stomp & Go Shanty
Going Back West Werner Hotz - 1/2008 "Going Back West" Boney M
Golden Wedding Ring Séverine Fillion "Golden Ring" Terri Clark & Dierks Bentley
Gone West
Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher - 6/2019 "Gone West" Gone West
Good Girls Don´t  Lisa M. Johns-Grose "Good Girls" Elle King
Good Start Adriano Castagnoli - 11/2014 "Front Row Seats" by Sunny Sweeney
Good Time Girls Karen Kennedy - 8/2014 "Good Time Girls" Nathan Carter
Groovy Love  LDStAwards 2018 Workshop F. Whitehouse, D. Trepat,
J. Dahlgren - 7/2018
"If Jesus Love Me" Saint Lanvain, Rahmsed
Gypsy Queen Hazel Paze - 6/2016 "Gypsy Queen" Chris Norman
H Happy, Happy, Happy Mª Angeles Mateu Simon - 11/2016 "Soggy Bottom Summer" Dean Brody
Hard As A Rock Silvia Schill & Petra Jäger - 5/2010
Havanna Cha Ria Vos "Havana (feat. Young Thug)" Camila Cabello
Hearts And Flowers Adrian Churm - 5/2004 "Hearts And Flowers" Dave Sheriff
Hey Boy Ria Vos - 3/2012 "Hey Boy" Verona
Heyday Tonight Séverine Fillion - 5/2013 "Heyday Tonight" Aaron Watson
Hey Girl Micaela Svenson Erlandsson "Come Do A Little Life" Mo Pitney
Hey Rosalie    LDStAwards 2018 Workshop Jonas Dahlgren - 5/2018 "Hey Rosalie" Micke Muster
High Horse
engl.Choreo 32/2/Improver
Silvia Schill - 4/2018 "High Horse" Kacey Musgraves
Hold Igor Pasin - 6/2016 "Maybe I Shouldn´t" Matt Borden
Hold You Tight
engl.Choreo 32/4/Low Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 08/2019 "Hurt Somebody" Alex Adair Remix/Audio
Hold The Line Arnaud Marraffa "Hold The Line" Stuart Moyles
Hooked On You * nominiert LDStAwards 2016 *
Silvia Schill - 2/2016 "Hooked On You" Parov Stelar feat.Timothy Auld (Official Video)
Hot Potato  John H. Robinson - 3/2003 "Yoko" The Cartoons
Silvia Schill - 4/2016 The Music of Nashville: "Hypnotizing" Hayden Panettiere
I Ibiza Tobias Jentzsch - 6/2016 "I took a pill in Ibiza" (Seeb Remix)" Mike Posner
I Close My Eyes
Hazel Pace - 3/2018 "Ich mach meine Augen zu" Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo
I Got This Too Kate Sala "I Got This" Jerrod Niemann
I'll Do Anything
Silvia Schill - 3/2017 "I’ll Do Anything" Kiefer Sutherland
I'm Free Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk & Jill Babinec "Love My Life" (Adam Turner & James Hurr Remix) Robbie Williams
I'm So Sorry   LDStAwards 2018 Workshop
Silvia Schill - 5/2018 "I'm Sorry" Arilena Ara (Gon Haziri & Bess Radio Mix)
Irish Stew Lois Lightfoot - 7/2005 "Irish Stew" ShamRock
Islands In The Stream Karen Jones - 3/2000 "Islands In The Stream" Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
It Is True Love
Sivia Schill - 8/2018 "True Love"Midnight - Travis Smith
Italiano R. McEnaney, S. McKeever & N. Poulsen - 11/2016 "Mamma Mia" (He's Italiano) feat. Glance" Elena
J Jag Trodde Änglarna Fanns Jessica Boström - 8/2017 "Jag Trodde Änglarna Fanns" Kamferdrops
Joana  Xose Massotti - 9/2014 "Come Early Morning" Don Williams
Jolene, Jolene
Silvia Schill - 1/2016 "Jolene" The BossHoss
Just A Girl Arnaud Marraffa & Séverine Fillion "Just A Girl" Lady Antebellum
Just Forget
engl.Choreo 32/2/Improver
Silvia Schill - 8/2019 "Forget About It" Michael Ray
K Katchi Rob Fowler "Katchi"(Ofenbach vs.Nick Waterhouse)
Keep It Simple
Maggie Gallagher - 2/2019 "Keep It Simple" James Barker Band
  Kissing Your Shadow
engl.Choreo Berlin Open 2019 32/4/Improver
Silvia Schill - 3/2019 "Kissing Your Shadow" (Roger Voka Remix)" Neteta  
  Kiss Me Already
Gudrun Schneider - 3/2019 "Kiss Me Already" Meghan Patrick  
  Kreis Fox (Paartanz)        
L Lay Low Darren Bailey - 8/2015 "Lay Low" Josh Turner
engl.Choreo Berlin Open 2019 32/2/Improver
Silvia Schill - 7/2018 "Lifers" Cody Jinks
  Like A Fine Wine Jef Camp & Sebastien Bonnier "Love Takes Time" Gord Bamford
  Lilly Spezial unbekannt "High Test Love" Scooter Lee    
  Lindi Shuffle Jane Smee "I Need More Of You" Bellamy Brothers u. a.
  Little Cowgirl Godelieva De Ryck - 10/2010 "Cowboymeisje" Laura Omloop
  Little Wagon Wheel Gaye Teather "Wagon Wheel" Nathan Carter
  Live, Love, Laugh Rob Fowler - 4/2003 "Live, Laugh, Love" Clay Walker    
  Lonely Alone Tom Daly & Matt Thomson - 1/2018 "Lonely Alone" Daryl Worley  
Lonely Drum Darren Mitchell - 6/2017 "Lonely Drum" Aaron Goodvin
  Look Around Bruno Morel - 6/2015 "Take a look around" Shane O'Dazier
  Lord Of The Dance      
  Louisiana Swing K. Sala & R. McGowan Hickie - 10/2009 "Home To Louisiana" Ann Tayler  
engl.Choreo 32/4/Low Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 5/2019 "Thinkin bout You" Ciara  
  Loves Comes Around Tjaney K "When You Least Expect Her" Erik Moll
M Mama`s Pearls Nigel & Barbara Payne - 2/2008 "Mama Said" Dave Sheriff
  Mamma Maria Frank Trace - 9/2012 "Mamma Maria" Ricchi & Poveri u.a.
  Mamma Song
engl.Choreo 32/4/Beginner/Novice
Silvia Schill - 11/2016 "Mamma Song" Cody Jinks  
  Millie's Tip Carl Sullivan "Millie" Joni Harms
  Miracle Ole Jacobson feat. Nina K. - 5/2016 "Miracle" Julian Perretta
  Missing Heather Barton - 1/2017 "Missing" William Michael Morgan
  Move In The Little Right Direction        
My Middle Name Willie Brown & Niels Poulsen - 10/2016 "Trouble" Moonshine Man
My New Life John Offermans - 12/2007 "High Class Lady" The Lennerockers
N Nancy Mulligan Maggy Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly "Nancy Mulligan" Ed Sheeran
  Need You Thunder Gomes "I Need You" Eddy Gee  
  New Chance
Silvia Schill - 18.04.18 "Revolution" (ft. First Aid Kid)" Van William  
  New Tattoo Rob Holley "New Tattoo" Tim Hicks
Not Fair Gudrun Schneider - 3/2009 "Not Fair" (Radio Edit)" Lily Allen
  Nothing But You (Yeah You) Randy Pelletier - 1/2019 "Nothing but You"  Leaving Austin  
O Oh Me Oh My Oh
Rob Fowler - 11/2018 "Oh Me Oh My Oh" Derik Rayn
  Old and Grey Rob Fowler "Old and Grey" Derek Ryan
  One Hell Of A Ball Ivonne Verhagen - 6/2015 "One Hell Of A Ball" Simon Burridge
  One Step Forward Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia - 11/2009 "One Step Forward" The Desert Rose Band  
  Over The Moon        
P P3 Gabi Ibanez - 2/2014 "Take It Or Break It" Wilson Fairchild
  Paddy's Choir Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher "Place In The Choir" Patrick Feeney
  Pavement Ends Gudrun Schneider & Florida Friends - 12/2012 "Pavement Ends" Little Big Town
  Pizzerico Dynamite Dot - 8/2003 "Pizziricco" The Mavericks
  Please, Please, Please
engl.Choreo 32/4/Intermediate
Sivia Schill - 09/2017 "Please, Please, Please" Marc Broussard  
  Pop! Emergency! Betty Moses & Eugene Walls 6/2016 "Emergency" Icona Pop
  Power Over Me
R.Verdonk,A.Rosendahl, Dam & Jef Camps - 1/2019 "Power Over Me" Dermot Kennedy
Q Quarter After One Levi J. Hubbard - 5/2010 "Need You Now" Lady Antebellum
R Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Maggy Gallagher - 5/2014 "Raggle Taggle Gypsy" Derek Ryan
engl.Choreo 32/4/Low Intermediate
Silvia Schill & Co - 7/2016 "Si Jamais J’Oublie" ZAZ
Reality Wil Bos - 8/2015 "Reality" Lost Frequencies ft. Janieck Devy
  Red Solo Cup 2/2012      
  Rhyme Or Reason Rachael McEnaney - 4/2010 "It Happens" Sugarland    
  Ridin` Dave Ingram "Riding Alone" Rednex
  Rock In Christmas Annette Hagberg    
  Rocket To The Sun Maddison Glover - 1/2013 "What You've Done to Me" Samantha Jade
  Rockland Adriano Castagnoli "Trouble" Sam Outlaw
  Roots Tina Argyle "Roots" Zac Brown Band
  Rosé All Day
engl.Choreo 32/4/Improver
Silvia Schill - 10/2017 "Rosé All Day" Marc Broussard  
  Rosegarden Jo Thompson Szymanski - 11/2003 "Rose Garden" Scooter Lee
S Satellite * nominiert LDStAwards 2017 *
32/4/Low Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 10/2016 "Satellite" by Sara Hartmann (Hugel & HeyHey Remix
  Save Me Tonight Maggie Gallagher "Save Me Tonight" A Little Bit More, Reed Fields & Jill Hamlin
  Scarecrow in the Garden Silvia Schill & Henry Schwentke - 11/2017 "Scarecrow in the Garden" Chris Stapleton

Julia Wetzel

"Señorita" Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
  Shakin Mix Yvonne van Baalen - 3/2008 "Hitmix" Shakin' Stevens
  Shore Thing Eddie Huffman "Shore Thing" Luke Bryan
engl.Choreo 32/2+2/Improver
Silvia Schill - 10/2017 "Sixteen" Thomas Rhett  
Sixteen Step(Paartanz) unbekannt "Hilly Billy Country Lilly" Truck Stop
  Skip The Line Kate Sala - 4/2015 "Skip The Line" Sugar & The Hi Lows
  Sleepy Joe's Café
engl.Choreo 64/2/Improver
Silvia Schill - 6/2019 "Sleepy Joe's Café" Bruce Springsteen
Slowly, Gently, Softly Gary O'Reilly  "Despacito (Remix)" Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
  Snakes Look To The Mountains
Berlin Open 2019 64/4/Low Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 3/2018 "Snakes" Deva Mahal (Video-Edition)  
  So just dance, dance, dance J.M.Beloque Vane & G.Richard - 5/2016 "Can't Stop The Feeling" Justin Timberlake
  Some Beach Helen Born & Nita Lindley "Some Beach" Blake Shelton
  Somebody Like You Alan G. Birchall - 2002 "Somebody Like You" Keith Urban
  Something In The Water Niels B. Poulsen - 6/2011 Something In The Water Brooke Fraser
  Stars In The Sky   LDStAwards 2017 Workshop
Silvia Schill & Tobias Jentzsch - 07/2017 "Reach For The Sky" (Turnfest Hymne 2017)" Sascha Lien
  Stay Stay Stay Niels B. Poulsen - 12/2012 "Stay Stay Stay" Taylor Swift (Album: Red)
  Stilbaai Charleston Alison Dixon "Technoband" Swing City    
  Stomping It Out Silke C. Henke - 9/1999 "Shooting From The Hip" Barry Upton u.a.
  Story Maddison Glover - 7/2017 "Story" Drake White
  Story To Tell
engl.Choreo 32/2+2/Beginner
Silvia Schill - 10/2017 "Story To Tell" Darius Rucker
  Summer Fly Geoffrey Rothwell - 9/2007 "Summer Fly" Hayley Westenra  
  Swamp Thing Max Perry - 5/2004 "Swamp Thank" The Grid  
  Sweet Caroline Darren Bailey "Sweet Caroline" Neil Diamond
  Sweet Heidi Marie Sorenson "Heidi" Kurt Darren
  Sweet Hurt Ria Vos - 1/2018 "Sweet Hurt" Jack Savoretti
Sweet Maureen Rafel Corbi - 10/2013 "Sweet Maureen" Jambalaya
  Sweet Sweet Smile Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step "Sweet Sweet Smile" Carpenters u. a.
  Switching Gears
engl.Choreo 32/4/Low Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 4/2019 "Switching Gears" Wulf  
T Tag On David Villellas - 1/2015 "Too Strong To Break" Beccy Cole
  Talk Is Cheap Katrin & Toralf Tylla - 6/2012 "Talk Is Cheap" Alan Jackson  
  Tears On A Highway Francien Sittrop - 3/2014 "Calm After The Storm (Radio Edit)" The Common Linnets
  Tell The World Robbie McGowan Hickie - 4/2015 "Tell This World" Eric Hutchinson
  Tennessee Waltz Surprise
32/2/Beginner / Intermediate
Andy Chumbley - 6/2009 "Tennessee Waltz" Ireen Sheer
  Texas Time
Joshua Talbot - 5/2018 "Texas Time" Keith Urban
  Thank God For You
engl.Choreo 56/4/Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 4/2019 "Thank God For You" Rodney Atkins  
  Thank You
Tina Argyle - 10/2018 "Thank You" Gary Perkins & The Breeze
  The Boat To Liverpool Ross Brown - 5/2014 "The Boat To Liverpool" Eddie Gallagher
  The Bomp Kim Ray - 5/2015 "Who Put The Bomp?" The Overtones
  The Devil
engl.Choreo 32/4/Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 11/2017 "Devil" The Wandering Hearts
  The Only Hell
engl.Choreo 60/4/Low Intermediate
Silvia Schill & Dirk Leibing - 11/2017 "I'm The Only Hell" (my Mama Ever raised)" Johnny Paycheck  
The Outback Gordon Elliott - 4/2000 "Outback Club" Lee Kernaghan  
  The Rain & Me (15 Years DJ Henry)
engl. Choreo 32/4/Improver
Silvia Schill - 3/2019 "When It Rains" Eli Young Band    
  The River
engl.Choreo 32/4/Beginner
Silvia Schill - 12/2016 "The River" L’aupaire
  The Trail Judy McDonald - 4/2003 "The Trail" Billy Ray Cyrus
The World Maggie Gallagher - 8/2005 "The World" Brad Paisley
  This & That Gary Lafferty - 6/2009 "Woman" Mark Chesnutt
  Three Teachers A. Capitán, D. Villellas & Montse 'Sweet' Chafino "Head Over Heels" The Washboard Union
  Toes Rachael McEnaney - 3/2009 "Toes" Zac Brown Band
  To Get Low
Silvia Schill - 09/2017 "Get Low" Zedd, Liam Payne  
  Triple Cross(Paartanz) Dan Albro "Wasted Time" Keith Urban
  Tu m'appelles
engl.Choreo 32/2+2/Improver
Silvia Schill - 5/2019 "Tu m'appelles" Adel Tavil feat. Peachy
  Turn It On Cowboy Thierry Bouvet  Turn it on, Turn it up, Turn Me Loose " Brooks & Dunn
  Tush Push James Ferrazanno - 12/2004 "Every little thing" Carlène Carter
U Under The Sun 3/2011 "Under The Sun" Tim Tim
  Under The Water
engl.Choreo 32/4/Low Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 04.07.2019
Premiere Video
"Under Water" Avec  
  Unlove Me Maria Hennings Hunt "Unlove Me" Julie Roberts  
  Until The Dawn Gary Lafferty - 6/2015 "Marvin Gaye" Charlie Puth
W Wake Me Up Torsten & Kerstin Mutzbauer - 8/2013 "Wake Me Up" Avicii  
Walk in the Park
Silvia Schill & Petra Jäger - 12/2010 "A Walk In The Park" Nick Straker Band
  Walzer     ---
  Wandering Hearts Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Wish I Could" The Wandering Hearts
 engl. Choreo 32/4/Beginner
Silvia Schill - 9/1019 "The Wanting(feat. Tennessee Jet)"Cody Jinks    
  Watergate unbekannt "Down Louisiana"George Strait ---
  Wave On Wave Alan G. Birchall - 10/2003 "Wave On Wave" Pat Greene
  Waves Of Love
Gary O'Reilly - 9/2018 "Wherever Love Takes Us" Drake Jensen
  We Go Good Together * nominiert LDStAwards 2018 *
Silvia Schill - 1/2018 "Good together" James Barker Band
  We Go Home Dirk Leibing "We Go Home" Adam Cohen    
  We No Speak Americano Pim van Grootel - 8/2010 "We No Speak Americano" Yolanda Be Cool Vs DCUP
  We Only Live Once Robbie McGowan Hickie - 11/2014 "We Only Live Once" Shannon Noll
  We Went Kristina Kovatch "We Went" Randy Houser
  What Else Is New
engl.Choreo 32/2/Low Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 2/2017 "What Else Is New" Cody Jinks
  What I Am
engl.Choreo 32/4/Improver
Silvia Schill - 8/2018 "What I Am" Kevin Maines
  When I Found Love Karl-Harry Winson - 11/2014 "When I Find Love Again" James Blunt
  Whiskey Bridges Maddison Glover "Whiskey Under The Bridge" Brooks & Dunn
  Whiskey's Gone Rob Fowler - 8/2011 "Whiskey's Gone" Zac Brown Band
White Rose Gaye Teather - 1/2009 "White Rose" Toby Keith
  Wishful Thinking Jim O'Neil "Lovin' All Night" Rodney Crowell
  Why Don`t We Just Dance 11/2011      
  Women Amen Rob Fowler "Woman, Amen" Dierks Bentley    
  Woman Of The World
80/2/Phrased Intermediate
Maren "Woman Of The World" Amy Mc Donald
  Written On The Walls   LDStAwards 2018 Workshop Dirk Leibing "On écrit sur les mur" Kids United  
Y You
engl.Choreo A32/B32/Tag2/Intermediate
Silvia Schill - 7/2017 "YOU" L’aupaire
Z Zjozzys Funk Petra van de Felde - 3/2007 "Bacco Per Bacco" Zucchero
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